as an ADC main, holy crap does this meta SUCK

just doing a few ranked for the rewards and W T F it's "ADC IN 2K18 LUL" all over again everything kills me in <2 seconds i do 0 dmg i get destroyed in a 1v1 vs anything even when an item ahead im 100% reliant on my team to get ANYTHING done no1 is playing support or tank, everyone is playing FULL DMG, i have no shields, no heals, no peel, nothing, its every man for himself, and the fight is decided in <2 seconds by who blows up who first there is 0 respect for the ADC from the team everyone just shoves all lanes, takes all cs from you, 0 lane sense, 0 strategy, just full YOLO DMG PUSH WIN if i try and push, im an easy kill for ANY other champion in the game this used to be a thinking mans game W T F happened i dont have the reflexes for this **** and thats the only thing that matters any more i remember when it was a mission to get adc as main role when role select 1st came out i haven't played a non-adc game all season now no1 wants to play this **** (unless ur a masochist) ........
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