I do not believe that the future for League of Legends will be bright

I am not omnipotent, my knowledge of the world is limited, but I will share many of my observations that I've gathered in this post. I do not think it is a stretch to claim that League of Legend's userbase is dwindling, at least in the west (NA and Europe). It is extremely difficult to find anyone in real life who also plays the game (contrast this with other large franchises such as Overwatch), it is clear that riot is trying to counter this decline of it's playerbase through increased advertisements, 2018 was a bad year for them financially [source](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/ahkyio/league_of_legends_made_14_billion_in_revenue_in/), Esports is still not a worthwhile investment, and Riot is consistently releasing lazy content to pull in more money. It is hard to say if the causes of this are directly due to Riot's actions or a result of a game's natural decline over the course of it's lifespan, but it is obvious that riot is not doing enough to prevent it. Nothing is being done to deal with the community's dissatisfaction with the state of the game and the developers. Specific champion playerbases are being catered to (most likely in the hopes of retaining those large groups of players), problems go unaddressed because "they aren't present in other regions", and the unprofitable Esports scene is destroying the game for the average casual player (casual meaning plat and below). In addition to these already damning problems, Riot has let the RGM queue become a failure by keeping the same bland modes up for months at a time, not putting up any gamemodes at all, or abandoning community favorites. Instead of diversifying the opportunities their players have to have fun, they have routinely introduced new modes only for them to vanish, leaving the playerbase feeling betrayed, or at the least, annoyed. This isn't even mentioning the coin-flip matchmaking that, when combined with the snowbally games, makes most games feel like a waste of time after 5 minutes in. The most aggravating part of all of this is that many of the solutions to these problems are extremely simple, yet riot does not or will not solve them. 1. Bring back RGM and give us a reason to play the game that isn't SR. Summoner's Rift isn't for everyone. Definitely Not Dominion, Ascension, the Dark Star map, Doom Bots, etc. were all modes that kept my coming back because they were fun. They were interesting. They still allowed the players to play League of Legends, but with an interesting twist that completely changed the gameplay. I do not understand why the RGM queue was left to rot. 2. Stop pouring resources into and balancing around the Esports scene. Unlike sports in real life, it is extremely difficult for someone to keep up with the changes happening inside of a video without playing the game themselves. It doesn't matter how well balanced around competitive a game is if it doesn't have a playerbase that is willing to watch. I've flip flopped on this position a few times, but after spending some time trying to play competitively in a local environment, I've found that no competitive environment can exist if people don't play the game in the first place. Don't believe me? Look at DOTA2. It balances around the highest level of play almost exclusively, and the game's player counts suffer because of it. EDIT: That's not necessarily a bad thing, but if riot wants to continue to stay huge it can't do what DOTA2 is doing. Especially since it won't be able to out-do DOTA2 at being the hyper-competitive, esports focused game that Riot is trying to force LoL to become. 3. Slow down the game pace. League of legends will never be able to match the high-intensity, high-speed games of Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, etc. These games are designed around being high-intensity and high-speed, while LoL was designed around longer games and much more strategy. Lower CDR across the board. Lower the amount of damage that runes can output. Lower the amount of global buffs given by objectives. Lower the movement speed of minions and revent that shitty change to minions that ruined minion wave manipulation strategy. Start balancing around the majority of the playerbase instead of a tiny, extremely skilled percentage. 4. Stop picking obvious favorites with champions. It might be good in the short term to try and conserve players and make money, but in the long run it damages the game. Riven, Yasuo, Vayne, and all the other champs that riot likes to randomly force into the spotlight or are too afraid to give meaningful nerfs, are only a small percentage of the number of champions in the game. The rest of those champions have players that want to be able to play as well and, when they are consistently at a disadvantage due to Riot's choices, they will get burned out and quit the game. 5. Create and sell merch. Nuff said. I don't want to see this game fail, I just want to have fun with it again. I'm sick of the direction that riot is taking and I am sick of the community being ignored. I want to have the game that I used to play back.
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