How are tft players getting rewarded?

Hear me out... i think i have abit more of a reason to be mad than the rest considering i use to play 3v3 at a diamond/master lvl. i had to fight with riot to be rewarded for a game mode that was actually a part of League of legends, not even to mention you only gave our border to us in 3's now ur taking it out O.o tft revolves around the champions in LOL and has no game-play of league its a completely different game, yet they are being rewarded with all the same rewards as solo q... what really gets my goat here is the fact my gf has never in her life played league of legends but she enjoys tft.. i played lol for 9 years and am plat 3 she has 36 games of tft and is diamond 4.. if you are seriously going to reward her with the same rewards thats the last slap in the face. make tft have its own rewards or its own client.. theirs already enough issues with people mixing tft ranks...
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