Either hard nerf Rengar or hard buff KhaZix

I'm so fucking sick of seeing spirit visage zhonyas grasp of the undying Rengar toplane that goes 10/0 within the first nanosecond of the game. The assassin version of this champ in the jungle isn't any better. Rengar players are a perfect example of how humans don't actually need a brain to work. There's no stage or scenario where a Rengar should even come close to losing 1/8 of his health to Kha'Zix, even if he's a level and item behind without bushes. Kha'Zix is also too weak, ever since new jungle changes he isn't the #1 jungler and now he's only high A tier. The fact that Riot finds it ok to make kha'Zix anything but #1 is sickening. Kha will only be viable again once Riot lets him evolve all 4 abilities and also give him all around damage nerfs. In addition, they should also bring back the invisible effect every time you go into bush, and as well should buff duskblade to synergize with it and revert electrocute/dark harvest. TL;DR: Rengar is broken and Kha'Zix is underpowered. And no, this isn't a troll or shitpost.
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