I deserve to be (Gold, Plat, Diamond, etc.) but my team is holding me back....

https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/summoner/na/VampiricLlama 34 matches from lv 30 to Gold IV, 25 if you only count the ones where I was playing Kat (which are the only ones where I was performing at my best). I had a peak winrate of 82% when I was in Silver I, quickly dropped to 67% once I started facing high gold / plat players. I'm not challenger, I'm not grandmaster, or master, or diamond, or even plat. I'm Gold 3 on my main (this account "Kat XD", and I got to Gold 4 in less than 40 games total. I carried so hard from bronze to high silver that I skipped ALL of my promos until I hit Gold IV. First promo series I played was to Gold III and I failed the first one. I used to believe exactly the way other people do, but then I realized that it's all up to me, and I can do it if I'm good enough. Not just mechanically, but strategically and socially as well. I never flame my team, and I ping constantly objectives, call targets in fights, ask for vision in key areas, etc. Saying "I deserve to be this or that but my teammates suck and the only reason high elo players climb so fast is because they are so much better than everyone else." is bullshit. Here's your proof. Stop whining and git gud.
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