I really wish there was a way to verify real service dogs from fake ones without looking like a jerk

I'm sorry but when me and my crew have to re-fire 4 tables worth of food when were already on a 45 minute list for inhouse tables because your "service dog" decides to help himself to their food and pee on their chairs, I can't help but wanna call bullshit. Not to mention we have over 250 outdoor seating where pets are allowed, with shade, fire pit, the works, so it's not like we couldn't accommodate but the guy (who already drank a little from the lobby bar while waiting) made a huge deal about having a window seat by the riverfront (which we have outdoor seating for too) I don't hate on people with disabilities, ESPECIALLY not their dogs, or dogs in general but this guy and his pup just screamed _Big Phoney_. Obviously no one called him out on anything for obvious reasons, but we get people with service animals all the time and they have a certain behavior about them and this dog was not it. All we wanted was to relocate him outdoors, it was sunny out, could have given him the best seats next to the sealions under the nearby docks, but instead he called the server a C@#t multiple times and well....we just let him have his way and put up with it.
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