OPINION: Riot has turned Pyke into a complete mess.

As of today, according to numerous sites like U.gg, pyke has a worldwide 47% winrate platinum+ and falls down to 43% when you get into masters+.Even with the 14% pickrate, pyke is failing to perform globally. Why is that? it is because currently Pyke relies on hitting his Ultimate ability way too much. They have removed so many things from his other abilities that he just ends up being a champion that can NOT function unless he hits his ultimate. I think the pre ult buff pyke was way more healthy than the way pyke is today. The champion is far too feast or famine to be considered even remotely healthy for the game. (this is coming from a Pyke mid main by the way.) And i think they need to REMOVE the double gold on his ultimate, revert the passive and hp nerfs and compensate him in some other way or ability other than his R. Opinions?{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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