PSA: Basically everyone who has played with Nubrac (the "roaming" teemo support) hates him.

Which you'd know if you took some time to actually understand the situation before posting, but because it's NB3, yall gotta be sheep, huh? P.S. I do not watch NB3, nor do i hate off meta strats, but this teemo kind of deserved it. As twinkie said, this should've been in the post itself "Hopefully this doesnt get buried down but its Moe(Yassuo) and i see how easy it is to pile on the NB3 hate here but this is more what the “roaming” teemo support is, its more so trolling teemo support linked a vod of mine from a few days ago, he picks teemo and sits mid and just ruins a game on repeat, has happened to me/nb3/forestwithin and others he basically does jt for attention and spams his twitch link( i have him blocked) but yeah thats my 2 cents"
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