Calling a character, class, etc. in a game trash is usually a trap

What I mean by trap is there is no winning situation most of the time. From looking at different video game forums, I've noticed a trend with this kinda stuff. Someone calls X class or character garbage, and people ever say A: "you're just trash at that class or character" or B: "You main that class or character, and just want buffs" While both can be very good points, it feels like it defaults to this everytime. Even if a person is trying to make a good point or not. Situation [B] happens way too often on these boards too, and it's a completely unhealthy approach. Locking people who main a class or character out of having an opinion on the class or character is how you make people just straight up leave a game. It's like having someone else make a sandwich, then give you the sandwich to eat. ######Anyways, Buff Ezreal
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