A bit of salt with the Versus legendary skin

Just a bit of salt towards Riots choice of the legendary skins. Lemme just be clear Soraka new legendary skin is amazing.... as Dawnbringer. I don't know why they gave her Nightbringer skin as well. I know that the whole theme behind Versus is Chaos and Order fighting it out, but when I think of Versus, I think of two separate champions being given skins and basically dueling it out. Like Yasuo Vs Riven Garen Vs Darius There could have been so many champions that would have worked well with legendary Nightbringer skin. Karthus would have worked great with the Nightbringer skin, mostly cause he has a global ult like Sorakas. Not to mention that Soraka and Karthus would have amazing quotes with one wanting to bring order and the other wanting to bring Chaos. What I'm trying to say is that Riot might have missed an opportunity to not only give legendary to a champion that deserves it and fits in with the theme, but they could have made some people pleased that their champion was given a really cool legendary skin that they could use around the rift.
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