Annoyed with Riot...

Anyone else just constantly annoyed with them? I spend money, and I play to the best of my abilities. Their response: "If someone feeds, and you get mad at them we will ban you." "If you slightly offend someone, you should be ashamed of yourselves because people aren't adults." "We don't understand humor, jokes, or anything. So we will just remove, delete, restrict, or ban you. Just because someone else wants to ruin your day." I just don't get this. I can't wait until I get passed this game obsession, and find a new game to tickle my fancy. I'm sort of upset my husband ever introduced me too it, because it's nothing but toxic. It's not just the community, but it's Riot's team as well. Even talking to the support team they're so TOXIC, and I just can't get past this. Eventually they'll close shop, once they decide to do something else. Reason, because I really don't think they care that much. It's money grabbing, and eventually they'll drop it. Maybe for music, haha. Since the POP/STARS music video/sound was honestly better than any of the champs, or stuff they have created in the past. P.S. Watch Riot delete this like they do to almost every comment I make now. I'm sorry I hurt your tiny feelings guys. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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