Please avoid posting 747 turbine jokes on the Boards!

Hello, Summoners! As you are all aware, there is a comment floating around of the contents “go into a 747 turbine”, blatantly being a different phrase for a common remark, ‘kill yourself’. This will not be tolerated just as much as KYS is, and we will moderate it just as much as we would those other remarks with a 7 day suspension. (This also includes any other attempts to circumvent the rules, as it will lead to the same consequences). The boards are meant to be a welcoming place whether you have an opposing view or not, and we’ll always strive to keep it that way. We understand that tensions run high, especially in periods of major controversy, but it's important to still treat each other with respect. I encourage you to share your views where they comply with the Board rules, but please simply report players you feel aren't being respectful rather than attacking or insulting them back or saying something as hurtful as those words.
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Estamos testando uma nova função que dá a opção de exibir os comentários da discussão em ordem cronológica. Alguns participantes notaram situações em que mostraram que uma exibição linear possa ser mais útil, então gostaríamos de saber como vocês a usariam.

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