Help Me Quit League? (I'm Not Ranting This Ain't Another "NERF RIVEN OR I QUIT" Post)

Long story short, I'm in college now and I wanna focus more on my academics and get good grades. I'm at a tough school though so the only way to do that it to cut back on the League. How can I quit this addiction? It's hard for me to go a few days without playing league. :( At first I just wanted to dial down the amount of time I play it, but I figure it would be better to just quit it cold turkey, in order to dissuade myself from spending too much time accidentally. Have any of ya'll quit League for a long period of time? How did you do it? Every time I try I usually just play again within a few days at the most. I also don't wanna quit forever, just until I'm at a pace where I know I can manage my grades while doing other stuff (maybe a month or so for rn). Any tips?
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