You want to know why they don't listen to what the boards and reddit say?

It's because whatever they decide to do is always going to wrong for half the player base. I, like almost everyone on the boards and reddit have complain about something the moment they announce it... #But that is the problem! If all you're doing is complaining for the sake of complaining and we all know those kind of posts/threads that are filled with vague statements and generalizations that ultimately prove no point and are only there to create and spread negativity. #Not all post are shitpost Some are indeed well written, informative and are very good at bringing to light issues that are otherwise unnoticeable without having to spend time looking into them, A prime example of a great post comes from the guy that made the post about Mordekaiser and all of his bugs describing each and every one in great detail. But sadly post like that are few and far between... #Which brings me to the title of the post: The reason is simple and i think most of you already know it, it's because they don't take us seriously... #Can you blame em? I personally can't blame them for not taking us seriously. Why you might ask? My answer to that is simple, just look at the Boards or Reddit when Riot changes or adds something to the game and you will immediately get your answer. The very moment they put out information about changing or adding something there is people that in direct opposition to that. #Here are some Hypotheticals A lot of people do not like the new Runes and masteries and would either want them to be changed or just straight up reverted to the old Runes and masteries. The big problem with that however is that a lot of people like the new runes and masteries and would much rather have them remain the same and if Riot decides to listen to the people who don't like the new runes and masteries and go ahead and Revert them to the old ones, they will piss off and anger the people that like the new runes and masteries and dislike the old ones. #What i'm trying to say is this: No matter what they do Riot will always be in the wrong for 50% of the player base, why? Because everyone likes different champions and playstyles. Some people enjoy long and drawn out games where there is a lot of skirmishes and comeback potential. While others enjoy quick and fast paced games where the snowball potential huge and games are short so you can play one or two games before you go to school or work. And if Riot changes something that then tips the scale in favor of one group of players the rest are going to be upset and angry with the change. #So how can i make Riot care? Stop giving them your money, if you don't like the current state of the game why would you continue to support Riot by giving them more of your money? #Your loudest voice is your dollar! A fresh and great example is the K/DA Akali skin. When K/DA Akali was released people on the boards and reddit all wanted Riot to give her the neon look when she is in the Shroud. Not even a week after and Riot did what the community asked for and not only that they will also be making a K/DA Prestige skin for Akali. But why did they respond so fast to the communities demands? The answer is simple:** The community was talking with their money. ** #TL;DR: If you want Riot to listen start talking with your wallets!
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