Reports on aggressive chat are overlooked based on honor

So recently I have been in a situation where I played with someone that said f*g and the N word with a hard R in one of my games. Both me and my friend reported him, I reported him first. He gets an instant feedback report 10 seconds after he leaves the game. I get nothing. I think that this has to do with him being a higher honor level than me. He is an honor level 4 on the last checkpoint and I am an honor level 1( I got chat banned for being 'passive aggressive' like saying nice gank when they fail a gank and please gank me more when they fail again, also said ez after i killed someone... player support says that I deserve the ban but won't tell me why, anyways) I think the coding for chat bans is based off of the 20 most recent games and if someone has been reported 3 times and all 3 times have been true reports then they will get the ban, hence why they give you the past 3 games where you were toxic or 'toxic and aggressive and hurt the other players feelings too much'. Anyone else have thoughts on this because I think it is outright bullshit. I report someone everygame for the stuff they say in chat, I know its petty but if I am going to get a chat ban for the bare minimum then others will be getting reported for bare minimum. However, to no avail I don't get any feedback reports or see any difference in the toxicity of games. Personally it doesn't bother me. But for some reason riot is here to save the world and shelter everyone from scary bad words and in-game banter. Honestly, I want to hear what everyone thinks so lmk. Your truly, CallieDog
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