Would you rather honor a friendly player or a skilled player?

I ask simply because I see a lot of cases where honors are given solely based on game performance (KDA especially). However, people who are consistently positive, encouraging, and friendly to both allies and enemies rarely get the recognition they deserve. Oftentimes we tend to forget about the Sona player who did everything in their power to keep her ADC from getting tilted, blinded by the LLStylish wannabe who went 20/0 on Zed, yet never said a single word in chat. I'd like to believe it's not such a rare occurrence to see a player who is genuinely outgoing, friendly, and generally pleasing to have on your team. However I've taken to honoring those types of people more so than highly skilled players, who are, more often than not, cocky assholes to both teams. What about you guys?
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