If This troller doesnt get bann, You gone way too far riot and its become unacceptable for me

[removed by moderation] Its honesly has got way the fuckk to far on how player can intentionaly feed and troll in games and simple get away, Look at that shitt, She's finished game 1/19, She was intentionaly feeding since lvl 3, Letarly run it down in enemy jgl and when she sow me winning top, She taped in chat enemy toplane need some help and went feed him 4 kills, The sad part and its what pussing off most, Me as fiora and that yi, We were trying so hard to win that game and nearly won it but eventualy we couldnt bc of simple how stupid this has gone way too far not to talk about how garbage stat of toplane is rightnow, Its letarly near impossible inleas u d2+ smurf to win game if ur botlane feed... Im seriously dane, I cant handle this anymore, If this player doesnt get bann, Im quiting league Its insane to me Honesly how things has gotten bc thats sona is not 1st to int that much but no more how much they troll and tape in chat admitting they are inting, They still get away to do exact same thing over and over again and maybe u may say people: u shouldnt post player name WhILE I DONT CARE, That player deserve to be punish badly for ruining game for me and my jgl , We may made mistakes sure but enemy team was so bad that they letarly win of that inting sona and her troll premade adc and that honesly just make me think if this even worth it bc as toplaner u dont have to be good anymore pr skillfull to win game and lets not talk about carrying from toplane bc inleas riot do something about " better botlaner win meta and this perma camp toplane " I have no reason to play this game anymore. Im on my word, i spend so much time and money into this game to realise its not worth it anymore and if this troller doesntget bann, Yea while Goodbye league
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