Why I've decided to return to Heroes of the Storm

I like this game sometimes, but just not enough to stick around. I understand the mechanics and I understand balance is supposed to get better at level 30 when you can start playing ranked, however there are a few things that are going to keep me from staying, especially when I have other temptations like Vanilla WoW and Heroes of the Storm tugging at me. But anyways here's the top reasons why I'm leaving and returning to HotS. 1) Value... I actually don't regret spending money in Heroes of the Storm. Even with the decline in developer support, it still feels like the money I spent was worth it in the end. I don't feel the same way with this game, because the greed factor of Riot means I will never see as much free stuff as I will the stuff I've bought or earned through Twitch. In the three weeks I've played and grinded on this game, I have only a handful of skins and I haven't seen orange essence in a week to purchase new ones. Why would I continue to play a game that greedy? 2) Boring... I mean really, this game is so boring compared to HotS... the matches last about the same time too, and they really do, yet in HotS you feel forced to engage the enemy, whereas here you sort of dance around hoping not to get hit... so boring. When the team fights actually do occur, one wrong move ends it. It's not so much about skill as it is who is the luckiest to hit the other person first and then where does the cascade of damage come from, you or the other team. (BTW matchmaking for unranked is absolutely the worst I've ever seen. No one is actually new in 1 to 30, one of the reasons I did not enjoy my experience.) 4) It's really not that complex... "but they have items!" There are only so many items that are actually any good, once you figure them out, it's a sinch to pick out the right ones. In fact Heroes' ability buffs, in my opinion, is more complex and creates a varied response from heroes. The abilities actually change the flavor of the character, whereas in this game, regardless of the runes you pick or the items you buy, it's still going to basically be the same guy. No one looks back and says "well if they hadn't bought "x" they would've certainly lost". 5) The community is toxic. I mean so toxic. More toxicity in this community than any other game I've played. My only real gratitude comes from the fact this will probably make me a more patient Heroes player than I was in the past. The fact is I was never going to be good enough for esports anyways, so the fact HotS has no esport scene really isn't upsetting me. The reality is that it is much more challenging now than it was in the past. Am I sad about what happened, sad enough I left for this game, however after experiencing 28 levels of mostly losses, helatious queues, and toxic "you suck", "why are you even playing", and "why are you feeding" comments, over and over, it's time to leave for greener pastures. If you enjoy this game, fine, but I hope people are aware there are other MOBAs out there, and yes, HotS is an actual MOBA, however if you don't try them you'll never know what you're missing or how much this one actually stinks.
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