1 question about 4 th reward.

I am not that kind of TFT player , i play of 7-8 years , with breaks between those years played .. , and i am that kind of guy who would find more usefull a page of runes than an egg containing some fashion mob into TFT... , is my own opinnion , as i am having issues connecting TFT , and i don't like to start TFT games with game moving smoth only in the round 2.... , i tryed everything , even to repair the client , nothing worked... , i simple can't play TFT ... , so the ideea is that , i would more much use a page of rune than a TFT fashion pet... I also wonder when page runes will be 2 pages at price of 1... , because i haven't seen that of a long time , most people buy page runes only when such sales are up , because the amount of pages you have to buy is huge... , i mean up to 20 , you will have what to pay if you go page by page to buy it on BE . I not want to question Riot generosity , just question myself if it will be just something that will stay there unused... , as the TFT mode ,run worse than previous early acces on TFT ... , it lags even much more than then ... , idk ,what could be so demanding , considering is an auto chess game mode ... , any other mode runs without problem but TFT seems to not even give me chances to pick champion on the begin of the game , i always thought i should record , but what's the point , i been writing about this issues and nothing got fixed until present... My suggestion ,was to add an early time break on begin of the game ,until the game entry normality.... , to start on your map , and prepare for the first round where you have to chose the champion and item you want.. , it makes more sense as after a time i entry the game , there are no anymore freezes of screen with sound working in background..., so probably the begin of the game is too voluminous in data and graphics proccesing and it kicks a frame block.
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