If Riot actually was trying to appeal to the Chinese

they would remove the 15 minute surrender restriction. A lot of Chinese lol players go to Internet cafes to play lol. because of how Internet Cafes work, these players will frequently AFK games they deem as loses as to not waste their time playing out a lose when they could just move onto the next match. Soon enough, everyone just AFKs until the enemy team end the game. The whole idea of making the game faster to appeal to the Chinese audience is just incorrect. They don’t want the game faster, they want it over immediately so they don’t risk wasting their time. Please don’t accuse riot of sucking up to Tencent. They aren’t. They just want the game to look more fun and flashy for worlds. But calling them scum for not making true damage akali a variant skin of KDA akali is 100% ok. Pajama guardian skins are cheaper if you have the star guardian skin BECAUSE THEY ARE THE SAME PERSON IN THE SAME UNIVERSE WITH THE SAME THEME AND JUST LOOK A LITTLE DIFFERENT. KDA and True damage akali are the same person in the same universe with the same glow in the dark dragon aesthetic and it boils my blood that they did this for maximum profit.
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