URF problems

A few of my buddies started playing the game. URF came out and i noticed they flocked to it. I have played the game for years and I never noticed how easy it is to learn the game through urf. They were extremely discouraged when URF was so swiftly taken away, it's hard to say if they'll even play again, because one of them is newer, and learned off of URF. The one that had been playing longer, got our other buddy into the game when URF came out. He said why do they have to remove it? I couldn't come up with a good answer myself. I'd honestly like to see an answer from a game developer as to why this is. Taking away URF is discouraging people that are new from playing the game. It needs to be out most of the time if not all of the time, which I stated in another of my posts called (League of Legends: Game Modes) which was about having all of the game modes always available. For this post I'd like to center the attention on URF and why it is not always or mostly up.
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