What's one thing that Riot did right or you like?

Anyone that frequently visit boards will know that it is rather... toxic and has a negative bias. So, to change that a little, I just want to know what Riot did that made you happy at one point or another. Me personally, I liked it when they changed conqueror from 20% true damage stackable from minions to 8% true damage and stackabe on champions. Another thing with runes I liked is when they removed the 10ad/15ap bonus from coup de grace. "tHErE's ToO mUCh DaMAge aND rIoT DoESnT liStEn" ~unknown boards resident Besides runes, Mordekaiser rework is something that really brought mordekaiser back into the game. And the free stuff from 10th anniversary is very generous from riot, can't believe people complained about that too. What'd you like?
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