The over arching issue with rank in low to mid elo.

We have all heard this song and dance before, you get into a ranked game and someone picks a champion that is off meta with a low win rate and you find out they "main" that champion. so you OP.GG them and find out that over 50-100 games of that champion that have a 35-45% win rate. They Proceed to feed their lane, not ward, flame, and then single handedly lose the team the game. Its the same song and dance that we have had for years in this game. AFKers, just bad players, and flamers corrode the ladder of low to mid ELO. Then Finally at the end of the game you report that player and get no instant feedback report and go back to struggling with your -20 LP strapped to your face as if you had anything to do with that loss. Now how do we fix this? That is what I want to try and solve today because Riot still cant quite get it right. Lets start withing the last 3-4 years of league as it has become much much more of a team based game in those years, so solo carrying is almost out of the question. Now a days having a bad player might as well be a 4v5 and and instant loss. To prevent this I want to have a company like [mobalytics]( who's whole job is to monitor stats and how player play and what to improve on, either be bought or hired by Riot to enhance the way LP is calculated. A win and a loss will have a flat number of LP gained for this example lets just say 15 is the base for both a win and a loss. Depending on K/D/A, ward score, KP, and towers/objectives taken. so that the Players doing the best gain better LP and the people not contributing as much wont luck their way up the ladder. Of course this will have the inverse effects for the losing team. If you really tried your hardest kept your ward score up, attempted to take structures, and tried your best to stay out of danger you may lose only 8-9 LP meanwhile the person who went 4/14/3 because he didn't ward, didn't group, and flamed in chat may lose upwards of 20+ LP making it harder to climb and easier to fall for those not belonging in that ELO. Now there are a lot of problem with this concept I am aware but I'd like to address some of the issues with this style of grading that I thought up of while brainstorming and subsequently writing this post. 1. What about smurfs? this may make it easier for smurfs to get out of an ELO that they shouldn't be in, how ever it punishes the enemy team with bad LP loses for getting stomped so hard by a smurfing duo or something of that sort. My solution to this would be simple, If the enemy players are preforming outstandingly well averaging KDA, KP, WS, and OBJ control far more than the average person at that rank the enemy team will get an across the board LP loss reduction depending on how good the enemy team did vs how bad you did in response. taking into consideration your previous games and the enemy players previous games in determining their likely hood of being booster/smurfed. (I know this needs some work to but its all I can think of at 2:38 am) 2. Wouldn't this take a really long time to implement? TL;DR yes. The biggest priority of Riot as we speak is the ranked system, it is by far the most mentally degrading thing about the game. People love to climb and want that satisfaction of getting better, but without a solid Ladder system is really frustrating to deal with. A fix to this problem with ranked will help out League's longevity as a ranked game and as an E-sport. It feels like luck plays a bigger role in ranked than skill, so I feel its important for Riot to implement this as fast as possible even if it takes months to years. 3. How will this help the climb if you LP points you get almost feel random? I think this one answers it with a real quick stats screen, to show how well you did that game. if you are on average for your rank, above average for your rank, or below average in your rank over the last 10-20 games showing what you may be having trouble with and what may be holding you back from that sweet sweet 20+ LP gain. This will also help players improve with certain parts of their gameplay. 4. I play support why am I being judged on KDA and Obj? well you will be judged based on the scores of other supports in your rank playing your champion. to don't worry about going 2/7 so long as you keep those juicy assists coming. 5. Auto fill? Similarly to Riots new system you will get a reduced LP loss for being thrown into an unfamiliar role and losing, however if you win you will get a bonus, all the more reason to not get mad at auto fill, at this point its just practice. There are many problems with this concept of a "fix" for riots ranking system and I cant wait to see what exactly they are going to do with season 9 though I do feel as though it will help I don't feel it will stop what I talked about in this first paragraph, because we have all had that game, sometimes that game happens 4 times in a row. I know some people will say "just get good" but if i have to get good to the point I can solo carry literally everyone in my rank I probably don't belong there, and my enemies don't deserve to fight me. In no way do I believe I am high and might and deserve Diamond 1 for this post, all I want to do is bring eyes to a problem that has plagued League of Legends for far too long. I want Riot to Notice this post, even if you disagree with my Post I really want you to give it and up-vote just so that Riot sees that we need a change to the ranking system. Pre-season is quite literally just a week or less away and we will have to wait and see what they roll out to help us. If you have any suggestions? Comments? or whatever you want to say about my post feel free. I am not the smartest person or designing algorithms to track league performance so please let me know what you would change what you would add.
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