URF is gone and so am I

Hey there, just wanted to add my voice to the many people asking for more URF. I don't play league anymore - look at my match history, I haven't played the game consistently in over three years, prior to this URF I hadn't even thought of touching the game in over five months. As soon as I heard real URF where you could pick your champions was out I hopped back on and I've played over a hundred and eighty games. URF is now gone, thus I'll be leaving again. I won't spend a dime on this game, I won't give it a second of my time, it doesn't matter how many skins and chromas you drop or how many passes you endlessly release, I will not spend a single cent on a game that I'm not going to play. I've heard the argument that URF would get boring - and I agree it would - but people who get bored of URF could go play Normals or Ranked, and people who didn't get bored of URF could play URF happily. URF consistently had a 3 second queue time, clearly people like it and queue for it. Who cares if slightly fewer people queue for it and it takes a whole ten seconds for a game? It already takes fifteen minutes or more for a Ranked queue! URF wouldn't drive people away from League, it could make people like me who have utterly given up on Riot Games and League of Legends come back and play for fun. The number of YouTube videos about League being made and the views on League-related content have gone up MASSIVELY because of URF, giving you free advertisement for the game. Releasing it permanently would get you countless players in both returning players like myself and new players who see the fun videos on YouTube and want to try themselves. The only reason to not make URF permanent would be because Riot can't make a fun or interesting game mode anymore, so they have to rely on releasing URF as a limited thing to boost their numbers, as far as I can tell. Yes it would be more servers, but Riot isn't some tiny company - they constantly manage to pump out garbage for people to spend their money on - every time you turn around there's some new skin with chromas and ward skins and emotes and summoner icons, and now loading screen banners/flair and 'prestige editions' too. That's on top of their passes every other week. You can't tell me you're not making enough to support URF servers permanently when you're taking every cent you can out of everyone. Releasing URF permanently will gain you more players, until URF is released again I won't be touching the game and I imagine there are plenty of other players like myself who don't care about Normals or Ranked even the tiniest little bit. Try listening to your customers and making a better game, please.
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