Why poeple complain about Qiyanna is dogshit?? she is soo strong

i saw many poeple complain that {{champion:246}} "is dogshit, she has mana issue and she got 0 dmg" but her abilities doesnt require much mana Q only 35 W only 25 E only 40 thats too low, her Q range is extremely short but things will get better when you reach lv 2 thats the time she become a real champ an Auto + Q + W + Auto + Q ( stone elemental and electrocute ) is enough dmg to make enemy health bar melt half, she also has a root and stun they are good for roaming, she has a W that allow to dash through small wall good for chasing and running, her E has a good range allow her to chase enemy. and especially her Q and passive will be reset allow her to dealt more dmg to squishies target, her downside is her q range at the start is extremely short but you only need to play safe until lv 2, i never have any mana issue with her. I dont know how she is dogshit for some poeple thats too good for an assassin way too good
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