IDEA: Improve the quality of players with socially useful jobs here in the forums

**DISCAIMER**: I have **never** received a punishment in the game, and I hope I will not receive it in the future I'm **not** a native english so excuse me for my bad writing... Often when players receive punishment or ban they see their honor level lowered for a certain period of time. Often for many of these players this is not a sufficient incentive to improve, or some players find it an excessive punishment if for example this happens "out of their will". Since the LOL forums are linked to the LOL account, why not use these players (if they want) to help other players who may need help asking the community for questions? In this way they could receive a "penalty discount" and would help to clog up less the players support asking for their doubts directly in the "help and support" section of the forum. _(I don't know here in the NA forum how is this section call)_ _Tell me what you think, I don't think it would be a too bad idea_ #Vice :3 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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