League can learn a good amount from smite.

I have been playing a good bit of smite recently and I can say they do something worst and sometimes better. Now they're both different games and playing differently but they also have a good bit similarities. Also is this just my opinion. I like adc itemization in smite MUCH more then in league. It feels like the items are more fun and I have more choices. In league it's basically just crit unless you're one of the few adc's that can go on hit. In smite you can go pen builds,attack speed builds and crit builds. Crit also feels better in my opinion since it is built with ad not attack speed. Actually I feel like smite just has more options in build paths in general. Especially with tanks and adcs. Stacking items are fun. Idk it feels much more fun to get hp from killing minions then just time. Also it feels like you are building up to something and I like the feeling I get from completing one. Modes they're a lot of them in smite now some are bad and have low player count but they're not being removed. Like if you fun someone fun to play but don't like the role they play then you can just play a mode without roles, or if you want to test builds or to find out if you like a champion go into a mode that is shorter in game time, you can do all these things without being in a long match. Like there are so many good things that come from having different modes. It really annoys me that riot just removes modes without trying to save them or just adds modes into the random game mode which almost NEVER COMES. Smite has a random game mode like every day. They give more free stuff. When a new patch hits they do a livestream and show off skins,explain the changes and WHY they did them. Which is really cool especially when all league gets is a shit reason or a fucking joke for a reason(not that the reason so bad it's a joke like they actually put a joke as a reason) it would be nice for riot to give actually reasons for nerfs and buffs. They do more community things like they let people vote for skins ideas from the community,recently they let the community pick people from the community to help with balance. Smite has by far a MUCH MUCH better practice mode like you can 1v1 or change teams without restarting,spawn camps or champions, change the time of the minions,stack items, like they is so much more in it and I really hope something like that comes into league. These are just some things I have felt from playing smite that would make league feel better in my opinion. I also have a feeling I'm going to get downvoted.
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