Why Does This Keep Getting Deleted from Gameplay Board?

This is getting ridiculous actually. This post has been deleted from gameplay boards. I am not trolling at all. These are my honest opinions about the state of the game. I'm being told that my "conspiracy theories" do not warrant any discussion. The only conspiracy theory I bring up is that it seems like 50% of games are scripted. And by that I mean predetermined in matchmaking and champ select Below is my third attempt at posting the same message "So it’s starting to get weird with all the censorship on the boards. Perhaps we aren’t crazy after all and Riot is trying to prevent the truth from being revealed. I’m reposting my message that got deleted for some reason about the current game state below. Some may call it a rant but I call it the truth from my perspective. I want to love this game like I used to but lately it’s been hard if not impossible. Please take this seriously Riot Dev Team “This game is undoubtedly in the worst state it has ever been. It's painful to play this game in more than 50% of games either because of matchmaking balance issues or simply the game itself is so poorly balanced Wins feel like meh Losses are actually painful and feel like psychological torture So many champions have ABSURD hitboxes Bugs galore Overloaded kits Even watching pro games seems like a joke I watch my replays and there is legit nothing I can do to win games. This should be a rare occurrence but it happens in about 50% of games. Call me crazy but I feel like these games are actually scripted (maybe not in pro)” Added: a lot of people complain about damage being too high. While I agree damage is currently high it’s not necessarily too high. The problem is that when you get a lead your relative power offers too much room for error. Or conversely when you are behind (not always but most of the time) there’s nothing you can do besides sit and wait for the enemy to make a mistake (sometimes several). If they don’t make a mistake then it’s just 10-20+ minutes of waiting to lose. Hard to play. Hard to watch. Needs to be fixed for long term health"
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