About the support item problem..

Are there actually any real support mains commenting on the situation orrrr just a bunch of people who got auto filled during the season? Seems like the second option. Support main here. Hi :). 2k + gold item for free. 2k + gold you get to spend freely on a complete item. Support mains would know how to fully optimize their early game builds to what the team needs and instead of just going to the "recommended" tab and also adjust to their ADC's laning tempo to spoon feed them kills. If you average around maybe 2-3 kills and 20-30 assists every game the gold generation should not be an issue. You should have ****around**** a full build by 25-30 minutes. Now if its a bad game and your lane is getting shit on that's a whole different situation in itself. You probably wont even have a second full item by the 15 minute mark if its a really, really bad game. Other than that, **me personally**, I don't see an issue just a bunch of people complaining about a role they know nothing about. Yes {{champion:99}} ,{{champion:161}} ,{{champion:63}} ,{{champion:45}} ,{{champion:1}} , and {{champion:555}} are always gonna have more gold than a regular meta lane because they are kill lanes. I know right a complete **shocker**!! But that's just the meta for right now hopefully we get different changes for s10 so its not a complete clown fest but one can only hope. **Also rotating game modes are coming back for 2020!! So no SR spam, take a load off and enjoy some fun with friends my fellow summoners. ** {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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