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Bit of a rant but I want to write it here instead of rant to ask what are some things I can do as an individual because most games tend to be like this where teammates don't know how to end the game and we waste time playing a long game only to lose despite having the advantage. I hate playing hour long games because we have an advantage but my teammates don't know how to seal the game. Rather than push for inhibs, baron, dragon they just go about their day as if it's still laning phase. One person will be top, one will be bot, one will be in the jungle. Someone dies somewhere and then people start calling shots like "all mid". The person who called all mid then proceeds to solo push bot or farm the jungle. One thing low elo players don't know is that split pushing is effective when both lanes are pushing..... AT THE SAME TIME! If we are passed the middle of the lane at mid and you are splitting bot but you are at our tier 2 tower, it's not gonna work. Why not just come mid and push as 5? Why do you gotta be like "oh i need to be smart in this situation so ill do something that's outside the box that is less effective because i need to prove to everyone that im a higher level player". I think a lot of low elo players don't realize that taking out inhibs pump out super minions meaning someone on the enemy team has to defend that and that means at some other part of the map, it will force their team to 4v5. Big Rant Part Anyway, so what happened my last game was that we started grouping mid, we were hammering their inhib tower. By we I mean just me attacking the inhib tower alone while the rest of my teammates danced around behind me trying to throw skill shots at anyone coming at me. Several times I have to blow flash or ult to escape when they come attack me while i hit their tower. Yasuo constantly just running away to the jungle to farm as soon as we get up to the inhib tower. I think the yas had the mindset of "im gonna try to get my knock up q and then knock them up under their tower and ult and kill them and win the game" but since he cant, then he just goes to farm the enemie's jungle doing his own thing so the enemy jumps on us killing syndra who is a free kill all game. Meanwhile yas be at bot lane and enemy jungle dashing around as if "oh hey guys i know we were just all mid, but i gotta be smart and go off to do my own thing that isn't having any high impact on the game at this point in time, but I just have to do it." I constantly tell my teammates to just group mid, stop going off doing your own thing, protect me while i hit their tower and hit their tower with me together so we can take it down and take their inhib. Team says okay and then the same thing just repeats where they literally dance behind me trying to throw skill shows while i am shooting at the turret with minions tanking the tower. Yas is off to his own land in the enemy jungle. Singed, ahri, and senna coming at me, i flash away and then they kill syndra. Game repeats and lasts 1 hour before brand says "okay you can report me but im done" and leaves. I don't blame him. I would have done the same at 30 mins but i know if i did everyone would say "report ashe". Sigh, I hate league.
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