Riot should tell us when Players get banned.

Hey quick info about me i just reached Diamond last season and kind of an Jack of all Trades player. So in the last days people trolled me (who would´ve guessed right?) and i reported them and allways make an support ticket bc im pretty sure noone at riot thats working in the section that bans people actually does their job right. Why i think so?Well the kind of players that are in lower Diamond have fragile egos and type real fcked up shit but as long as its not kys Riot just doesn´t care like if you told someone im going afk cuz you took my camp you KNOW this guys has a short fuse i added people from this guys game before and they confirmed it. Well long story short they should tell you somehow what they think of that player and not send these automated emails with no effort while they are on lunch break. Thoughts?
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