Losing LP for afks and DC's.

Hey all, Wanted to just come on here and say that I am fed up with my teammates afking and leaving games, not being penalize or anything. They just want to open and go next (High Plat low Diamond elo). I personally try the best I can to win every game but am being preventing from climbing because of this. I SHOULD NOT lose my own LP if someone decides to ruin my game that's SO unfair and there needs to be a fix where you lose like hardly any LP or the person who afksd loses way more or is automatically demoted a tier. I know its a really hard issue to fix but it should be looked into as the whole season has been determined by it. And yes I get life happens, but I'm more so talking about people tilting and just leaving base off the fact they got stomped or something happens they don't like so they get to choose where we win or lose just because they don't want to play any more it just ruins the experience of the game. If anyone has ideas or wants to chat about this feel free to leave a note. Thanks, Airzu.{{champion:245}}
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