Does playing a champion put your mental state is a certain kind of way?

I've been thinking about it because two mid laners and a support that have very similar lore themes, and I enjoy the playstyles and feel like I do moderately well, but they affect my mental very differently: {{champion:34}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:34}} : Honestly, I feel like cranking up the AC, snuggling with at least 3 blankets, and sipping on hot chocolate as I use my ulti to clear waves so I can check on how my gingerbread cookies are doing in the oven. I feel at harmony playing her, even if I lose my mental is usually pretty positive. {{champion:127}} : Super toxic. I don't know what it is, but when I play i'm always thinking that I cant wait for laning phase to be over and teamfight. I usually get really negative thoughts about my team if they don't follow engages, and even when I win I want to berate my teammates for some reason. I usually can keep myself from talking in chat, but its to a point where I have to shelf Liss for a bit every now and then even though I do think her playstyle is fun. {{champion:16}} : Anxiety overload. She is surprisingly my highest winrate, but honestly 2000mg of caffeine wouldn't get my heart racing as fast as playing this WoW-Priest-Made-Champion. Constantly feeling like the lives of my teammates are my responsibility, eyeing the champion health bars as if they were ammo in an FPS - it can be overwhelming. Even if I win, I always feel exhausted after game feeling like I just played 4+ games in the span of one. Anyone else feel like their mental manifests differently just for playing a champion? Like win/lose doesn't matter, they just cause you feel some kine way?
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