Victorious skin...

So i been thinking about , and i don't really understand why tehnical they do aatrox victorious skin ... ,since he already have a skin justiciar aatrox ,blood moon prestige in same theme... , is not just about that , but how often do you happen to see a aatrox ranked... , in my opinnion as riot mark 10 years of this game , they shoulded do a skin to first 40 champions , a champion who actually is played and which people can enjoy to pick and play his skin... . Maybe they pick champions no one have , so people get the champion and skin or idk.... , but there are lot's of top champions to chose ... ,even jayce coulded be much more cool on victorious skin than aatrox , as he have his r who change abilitys effects and all... , or gnar ,or kled . I am just sharing my own opinnion ... Adc:Sivir Jungle:Graves+Elise+Maokai+Jarvan Mid:Morgana+ Orianna Support role: Janna+morgana Top:Graves/Jarvan
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