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Players, Streamers, Spectators and Rioters. Do something. Stop complaining on threads about what happened. Stop trying to force your opinion of what **should** be done and actually do something about it. It is clear that the game is in a very bad spot right now along with the company. But nothing is going to change if you just sit around. A small account like me does not have a lot of say in what goes on in the game. Hell, a lot of popular streamers don't have a say either. But together we are far stronger just as we are on the rift. This discussion and controversy is pushing us back and if we don't do something right now, then we are just going to be lost in the death of the game. We have to take this metaphorical Baron down and walk it down mid _**Together**_. Push back. No matter race, gender, sex, religion, whatever makes you different in your appearance. It doesn't matter, we are all summoners on the rift. We can stand together. As a small account, I will not purchase RP, I will not put anymore money into this game and I will seriously draw back my playtime. Streamers, play something else, there are far more games that people are interested in watching. Have fun with what you are doing, do not let this game control your life. As a spectator of LCS games, I will not be watching anymore games, and I encourage all of you to do the same. Rioters who do not agree with what is going on, speak out. Give us the glimmer of hope we need from you. Share your thoughts, don't be afraid of those above you. We are all behind you. We have to do something, boards are only the start, attack from all fronts. Twitch, Twitter, youtube, anything you can use against them. This is our fight. We will not surrender so easily Riot. So you better take heed, if you are reading this, you better do something too. Or else your empire is going to crumble from within.
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