Hello! Gathering players opinions and thoughts on different servers. Care to share?

I often see posts saying "Game is not fun anymore" or any other name relating that something is bad in a state of the game. I love this game, and also get frustrated from time to time. But right now i really want to dive deep into those problems and find out what is actually wrong with the game, and what is quite good. I am noone here, no titles, nothing, so i only ask, if you could share with me and others what you dislike and enjoy about League. Feel free to discuss any problem. Worlds, balance, buffs, nerfs, scandals, bugs, lags, communication, toxicity etc. I left few of such threads. One here and one on russian community and one on Reddit. As of right now, russian community is pretty active with their answers, but not reddit. While i look into peoples opinion, i will look into as much information i can. After that i will write something long, and hopefully helpful and consistent. With this, i hope to make it all make sense. Pls, don't insult anyone.
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