The report system facilitates pettiness rather than improving behavior.

I'm posting this here because the player behavior sub forum always has the same discussions. Everyone is wrong all the time and Riot is always right. Has the community become too sensitive? Back in season 1 in order to be banned you needed to use slurs or threaten somebody. These days any negativity is bannable. Something like "you're bad" will get you a permaban just as easily as telling someone to commit suicide and that they're a racial slur. Has it gone too far? And let's be honest. When you report somebody for saying "you're bad" or something similar you're not actually offended. You're not actually mad. You're not actually going to quit League. You're not actually taking it personally. You're reporting that person out of spite because you know the automated system might fuck them over. It's just pettiness. So why is Riot providing players with a means to be petty? I don't understand it. It's just driving people away from the community. I recently played a game where I was talking to people about the state of season 9. Somebody started throwing insults and I said "yawn" and "im bored". They reported me out of spite and I got a 14 day ban. If you want the logs I'll be happy to show you. I went to the player behavior subreddit and I was told that "yawn" and "im bored" are offensive. Really? Is that really where this community is at now? Do you think things are being handled appropriately by the current report system?
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