Unique Suggestion for Cloud Dragon Soul Ability!!

It seems apparent that the creative ideas are a bit lacking for the Cloud Dragon Soul. The Shojin and Nimbus Cloak options just aren't as impactful or useful as the other Dragon's buffs. It clearly needs to be changed to something unanimously useful and fitting for the lore of what a Cloud Dragon might bestow upon a champion. Thus my suggestion: Allow the champions to "fly/wind walk" over a wall! Now before you all attack me with pitchforks saying how broken it would be for Darius to pop over a wall and start rolling heads in a fight he should have never gotten to, I'm not saying that the champion should be able to bounce around like he's on a freaking trampoline all over the map. Rather, I'm suggesting to put this ability on a timer, cool down, or energized effect so it can be used when desired but only once and then having to wait again for it to recharge or come off cool down. I think this would be an extremely useful ability even for mobile champions who already possess the ability to wall jump. It could create interesting plays never seen before by previously immobile champions. It would give the Cloud Dragon some much needed love and make him worth fighting over. The power could be restricted in various ways to maintain balance and not become overpowered (timers/cooldowns/Energized, placing a max distance a champion can travel to prevent jumping over huge walls, etc). What do you guys think?
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