Revert Kindred's passive

Kindred's old passive was actually useful and gave a good return value to risk rate. Her auto attack damage scaled off of it really well especially when building {{item:1419}} and {{item:3153}} along with her w and q damage. She could then buy {{item:3071}} and{{item:3022}} {{item:3742}} which made her off-tank so she wouldn't be one shotted. I don't understand why Riot would want to ruin a big part of her by stripping away at her unique build and shove in basically a full crit build. If I wanted to go full crit I would just play ADC without having to deal with Kindred's horribly easy to counter mark system. And lets talk about that. Her base movement speed is 325 which as a squishy "ADC" is pretty abysmal considering someone like {{champion:75}} has a base of 350 along with others. This makes getting to your marks very hard because any opposing jungler with a brain cell won't let you have any, It'll be either gone before you get there or you will be baited every time and just die for attempting to get it at all. And in the grand scheme of things it isn't worth trying to get them at all sometimes. Out of every champion that I have ever played none comes remotely close to the level of frustration that comes with playing {{champion:203}} recently as her first 4 marks only really give you some AS and and some range and a tiny bit of health damage that is if you ever get to that point. Kindred is not easy to play and to be honest takes tons of macro and both aggressive and safe play simultaneously. For a high skill cap champion such as Kindred you would want her very frustrating and risky mark system to have some reward because the amount of counter-play to it is so high. Every single mark I've ever got post-adjust passive has felt lack luster and not worth going into the enemy jg for. The risk of not only me dying and losing my mark but feeding kills and exp to the enemy jungler just isn't worth some AS and Range. It's not even so much the fear of fucking up or dying it's more so "If I don't get the mark and I die would it even be worth it to try in the first place, I'll just feed and be behind better just farm and not play risky." Another big thing is I just don't really feel the power of her passive even when you can stack it up, I only feel the power in the items. Then again any ADC with a {{item:3031}} can do good damage. But that's all Kindred feels like to me right now, an underwhelming ADC only squishier now but expects to survive in the jg. Considering how low Kindred's play rate and the amount of people that main her is rather low. We loved Kindred because she was that one unique ranged master of death in the Jungle that really not many people played. Then riot wanted her to be meta for a short while and said fuck it lets take the fun and rewarding aspect out of her passive and make her a basic bitch ADC with a basic bitch ADC build there she's meta. Now that she Ins't meta anymore we are just stuck playing with this very unfulfilling punishing to play with no reward ADC in the jungle. Not asking for any buffs or passive buffs. Only a revert on her passive to once again do health damage on autos. Her mark system is her counter play and that's good. Hard champs shouldn't be easy to play after all. And for the love of God do something about that 325 MS.
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