RIOT fixing games

It has become clear to me the ranked system is not legitimate. Let me explain. The pairing system is designed in a way that if you are found unfavorable for some reason ... instead of randomly pairing you .. which is what should ALWAYS happen in a ranked system .. Riot places you on a team that has terrible players. Maybe Riot thinks your are "toxic" or maybe just your connection was bad and you dropped a game or two. Whatever the case, it can put you into a "screw-you " que that makes winning highly unlikely. One could argue this is justified as a means to deal with "toxic" players, however .. its not .. if you are claiming to have a ranked system based upon skill. It makes the ranking system a lie that favors preferred players over skilled ones .. it puts a heavy finger on the scale .. without acknowledging or quantifying what that bias will be or how long it will be in effect. If at least they were open they are doing this and the parameters were defined the rank system would some credibility. I've seen this pattern multiple times over the years. The only way I have seen to break out of the "screw-you" que is to wait it out and take a tremendous ratings loss with teammates you are clearly better than ... or duo with another player ... any player ... presumably they don't want to penalize another player just to penalize you. Love to see them openly acknowledge this or better yet change it.
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