I gave you over 500 $ and this is how you treat me

First fucking ever ... ever offense and .... man if you seen all the things I just wrote about you I would never get the account back its harsh but in what way? was I not defending myself ?.................. Oh let me guess cause I was the cam sup oh oh oh wow how you dont punish the pros for doing weird shit but any disgruntled fucking b5 player and omg end of the fucking world I will never give you another dime you fucks Game 1 Pre-Game Inada: anyone you dont want Inada: too late trist it is Inada: how am I trolling Inada: thats every yordle Inada: bunch of desert loving fucks Inada: you will never be a made man In-Game Inada: stun or damage Inada: ok so ill go with group pick and stun Inada: since you didnt answer Inada: jg started bot Inada: jg at crab Inada: enemy one Inada: damnit if I had any mana I coulda got her after Inada: fuck my bad I missed and I dont know how Inada: i'll try and play more defensive till you get your rat shit Inada: im starting to think we just dont lane well together Inada: its weird you are the person in these games I should get the most Inada: bait for sure Inada: at that point prolly worth cause I wasnt worth much and the shut down had to be decent Inada: i gotta b Inada: ohhh thats why you fought me Inada: im that retarded lol Inada: oh shizz that worked Inada: damnit I cliped the wall Inada: fuuuck dude Inada: just too much range Inada: not bigger than a dick so shut yo ear balls not talking to you Inada: lel thats mean and why I said it Inada: see its better to bitch than be a bitch Inada: ya know champs like you make it less fun to fuck around and thats something I will not tollerate Inada: I will not fuck around with people that dont fuck around Inada: hey hey at least we arent %%%%%%s like you Inada: so could be worse Inada: exactly you are a %%% Inada: only a %%%would know that Inada: also why i let you die Inada: dont they are lying Inada: rep me if anyone Inada: idk why Inada: but do it if anyone Inada: dik Inada: idk Post-Game Inada: and to be honest it isnt twitches fault at all Inada: when we lane together shit goes wrong Inada: whats wrong with that Inada: oh the team was talking shit Inada: idk why either cause we did bad and it was a loss I guess Inada: you dont know this game well then Inada: you really should play more Inada: then maybe you can see stuff happening Inada: caugh Inada: ggg What a monster I am. Ban me forever, cause I dont deserve to be redeemed. Riot is the god of prophet they know all and im just a simple fucking loser what would I clearly know more than them. Certainly not how this situation went down. Im sorry. Is passive aggressiveness too aggressive for you? Then how about something more aggressive I dislike you a lot at the moment to the point I wish stuff on you, but unlike you im not such a dick to say it without provocation. 14 days first offense your enemy Inada PTSD: I am not agreeing to the BS you told me too until you give me some recompense like my account that ive spent money on back
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