Hey Guys! Wondering if someone could help me with these FPS Issues.

Alright so i made a post on the german forums a couple of weeks back. ( Maybe even a month or two now) about fps drops and i thought they had gone away but apparently they havent. Basically what is happening now is that i get an average of about 260 fps in games, but whenever i get into a teamfight/baronfight/dragonfight i can legit drop from 260/320 alllll the way down to about 30-50 fps which definitely affects my gameplay especially as an adc when i have to kite and backline effectively dealing with fps issues can really stop me from uneashing my best performance. Its not too bad to play at all and i know many people play with 30-50 on a regular basis, i was simply ondering why this may be happening. Im thankful for any help/tips or maybe what you did to fix a similar problem. Btw. I have an eight core 3.20 ghz processor and an nvidia geforce gtx 960 graphics car so i dont really think i should get these problems. My monitor also runs 144hz refresh rate so i dont think thats the problem. Also my processor isnt (boosted) or sth. my friend told me he boosted his processor to get higher fps or sth. But i didnt do that cos i dont feel like messing up this pc. I think its called "overclocking" Also i have used the fix option in the launcher. Thanks for any help ^^ Hope i get this sorted <.<, many happy wishes {{champion:83}}
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