I HAVE TO REINSTALL LEAGUE EVERYTIME I WANT TO PLAY WTF??? (reconnect button of death solved?)

SO YOUR BIG IDEA IS IM NOT ALLOWED TO CLOSE THE LEAGUE CLIENT OR ELSE YOU GIVE ME A MESSAGE SAYING YOU CHANGED MY SETTINGS AND NOW I CAN ONLY GET THROUGH CHAMP SELECT AND NEVER SEEING THE LOADING SCREEN JUST A RECONNECT BUTTON AFTER TRYING TO START A GAME AND IT DOES NOT WORK AGAIN!!!! Seriously, I download game, play 4 matches, close client, open client later and it said my settings have been changed due to my computer specs, got the no loading screen issue, SPENT 4 HOURS TRYING TO FIX IT BEFORE REINSTALLING, worked perfectly, now after I closed and reopened my client again you give me the SAME DAMN MESSAGE AND NOW IM STARING AT A RECONNECT BUTTON. MY COMPUTER IS FINE STOP FUCKING WITH ME AND THE PEOPLE WHO IM TRYING TO PLAY WITH? Is there a way I can stop riot from %%%%ing on my computer and leave me alone? I tried changing my settings back to default but that didnt work so clearly something internal changed. Does anyone know exactly what files / options are changing when this happens so I can make a copy of them and switch them back whenever riot feels like fucking me? AND YES THIS MAY BE A POSSIBLE REASON FOR THE RECONNECT BUTTON OF DEATH, ITS NOT ALWAYS YOUR NETWORK! IT CAN BE YOUR CLIENT!!! Sorry for the unreadable caps rant, I`m actually triggered harder than a feminist on father`s day during trump`s inauguration into office.
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