Cant use an original username for summoner name (This is a person who just downloaded LoL)

So, after a lot of nagging from my brother, and listening to the amazing music LoL has to offer, (amumu{{champion:32}} , I'm looking at you) I finally downloaded league. I did all of the sign up and log in stuff and the final step is to make the summoner name that people is going to call you by. But the thing is, when I try to put in my **Original** username I used for a lot of years, it says "**We're sorry, The summoner name you selected is unavailable, please try again.**" which is different because when a summoner name is taken, it says **"Your summoner was not created because someone is already being in use"** and when my bro tried to search up my original username in the "friend search" in his own game, it was shown that nobody took the username I want to use. I'm just really confused and all help will be appreciated! {{item:2052}}
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