Mouse nue of ot working properly in League Of Legends! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greetings Summoners! Hi! I think either my pc or the settings of LoL got an issue, since very often, when I right click on a mouse (I tried with 3 different mice) the game does not register it, not even the green vectors of movement appear. It is not a hardware issue, I experienced the same problem with a variety of mice. Has anyone else ever had this kind of problem? I shall be more specific. It happens, let's say, once every 5-10 seconds. When it happens, for about 2 seconds, it doesn't matter how many times I right click, the game refuses to register it, while at the same time I can do anything else. Left click always works. Mouse movement is still fine, I just can't right click. My ping is stable, my fps are fine meanwhile. What could cause this madness? It is impossible to play properly like this.
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