March 5 - March 8 Network Maintenance (NA/OCE - No downtime)

>**EDIT:** Last day of maintenance complete with no impact reported. Happy gaming everyone! --- >**EDIT:** After conversations with the team, it looks like March 8 will also include maintenance involving some core systems so we're extending this notice to continue through March 8. Maintenance windows stay the same (6am-12pm PST). Title has also been updated to reflect the additional maintenance day. --- Hey everyone! Heads up on maintenance happening within our datacenters from ~6am-12pm PST on March 5, March, 6, and March 7 that could affect the NA and OCE servers. Since we're doing testing on redundant systems, we're hopeful that gameplay won't be impacted, though we'll be keeping a careful eye on player impact during the maintenance windows. If all goes well, no one will even notice it ever happened \o/ For any changes, stay tuned to the [Service Status Page]( Cheers!
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