[RESOLVED] 10/3/2017 Stuck at Authenticating Isssues

>#Update 3:12PM > Results are looking positive for players being able to log in, so we're considering this resolved for now. Thanks everyone for your patience. ------------------------------ >#Update 3:01PM >Early word from network engineers is that the problem should be resolved. Waiting a bit to call it just in case it's a false positive ------------------------------ >#Update 2:46 PM >Still investigating. Checked with team about chat issues, and they are likely a result of the same issue causing log ins to fail. Gameplay shouldn't be impacted, but we're keeping an eye on things while we triage. ------------------------------ >#Update 2:21 PM >We're still investigating potential root cause, but at the moment this does seem to be limited to players on the east coast. ------------------------------ At about 1:30 PM Pacific Time our tech team started to notice a decent spike in players getting stuck trying to authenticate or log in to the client. We're aware of the issue and are looking into what's gone wrong. In the meantime, most players have had success using a VPN to solve any authentication problems, but this should only be used as a temporary solution.

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