[COMPLETE] Aug. 2 Maintenance - Ranked Disabled and Possible DCs

>#Update 10:53AM >Maintenance was complete ~10:15am, ahead of schedule. Ranked is back online and everything should be good to go! ------------------------------ Hey everyone, Back again to with a heads up we're continuing some back-end router maintenance on August 2 at 8:00AM PDT to perform some software upgrades that could cause some disconnects as well as potential issues viewing support tickets for both the NA and OCE servers. The maintenance is expected to last ~5 hours, so we'll be disabling ranked games from 6:30AM PDT to ~1:00PM PDT (that's 11:30PM AEST to ~6:00AM AEST for all our Aussie friends) to protect your LP while we're leveling up our software. I know the maintenance time window is less than ideal, but given this maintenance has a multi-region impact, we tried to find the best compromise we could based on usual play patterns. Since it's a bit more of an impactful maintenance than usual, we're going to be keeping a close eye on things during this maintenance and will make sure to update this thread when the maintenance is complete or if we run into any snags along the way.
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