The Good, The Bad, and The League: 2/7 - 2/13

Your weekly dose of server problem-os, NA League news, and other! With some expected changes (hello crit changes) and some unexpected (0 cs top laners) and some just plain ole weird (Hide and Seek with Kobe and Phreak), we’ve got a new week and only a few server issues! **Follow-Ups:** * None **Server Stuff: ** Some players unable to queue for ranked together (1/24 started, 2/6 noticed, 2/11 fixed, ~18 days) A combination of working as intended features and a bug caused players to be unable to queue for ranked properly together, due to a highest rank bug. After a fix and eventual redeploy to the party system, we fixed the bug between intended functionality and not. Those who should be able to play together now are able to! Game reconnects and player drops due to network changes (2/23, ~43 minutes) An early morning change to networking routes caused a spike in game re-connections and disconnects. After the change was rolled back, the spike disappeared. Said change will be reviewed and the problematic part fixed before being implemented. **Game Stuff: ** New articles not set correctly (2/11, ~14 minutes) Monday started, and a tired Draaaven felt only two articles were needed on the front page. After correcting him and showing that we can count beyond two axes, we fixed the front page and multiple articles appeared. Store cards not visible on front page (2/11, ~73 minutes) The tired Draaaven also didn’t think it was worth showing deals to players either, since you only really need one type of axe ever. After a brief triage to see why that was the case, store cards were properly enable on the front page as well. **Player Support Trend:** A slightly higher than normal amount of error messages cropping up! We don’t see a root cause yet, so if you see issues with patching or from the patching screen, take a look [here]( before contacting player support! **UPDATE: For anyone reporting on issues that they are experiencing, please take screen shots or videos of the issue you are experiencing . If you don't have them, that is okay too, report it anyways. Any visual evidence will help us a bunch :)** Morgageddon & Couch Commando

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