The Good, The Bad, and the League: 1/24 - 1/30

Your weekly dose of server problem-os, NA League news, and other! LCS returned, Pre-Season brought a whole new slew of must pick/ban/ignores (as well as Iron Tier), Positional Ranking is up and running, and a few things more than usual broke. **Follow-Ups:** * Wrong Season Border still ongoing * Fix will be in 9.3 or 9.4, stay tuned * Crafted Skins not currently in store fixed (1/24) **Server Stuff: ** * **LEC live game wasn’t counting towards watch missions (1/25, ~90 minutes) **Watching live games from other regions than a player’s set region wasn’t advancing the watch missions. Reconfiguring the settings on live streams fixed this, enabling players to watch any live game and have it count, as originally intended. * **“This is the reason” mission progress failed to update until stage 7 (1/27, ~ongoing) **Visual progress of the mission doesn’t update until checkpoint 7, making players think the mission is stuck, even though it’s been tracked on the back-end. Reasons why the visuals aren’t updating properly has Heimerdinger confused, as he’s still digging into the issue. * **Loot entry mis-configuration causes 2019 Revel Grab Bag unopenable (1/28, ~25 minutes) **Sejuani got a little spooked by her firecrackers and refused to open Grab Bags. The upload of the config for item recipes had an incorrect entry, preventing Grab Bags from ever opening. With a little magic, the correct config was uploaded and loot verified Grab Bags were openable again. Happy New Year! **Game Stuff: ** * **Players can’t queue with friends in ranked (1/24, ~42 hours)** Parties that earned provisional rankings during games sometimes couldn’t continue queuing up together. Once Amumu was coaxed out of the server rooms, players were able to queue up for the duration of provisional rankings properly. * **Players get a black screen after ready check, forcing them to dodge (1/24, ~19 hours)** Nocturne decided to throw a surprise party, making players unable to see the client and click buttons. An slow bd wasn’t populating stats data fast enough to enable the client to transition between states properly, causing the black screen. When cleaned up and stats loaded within correct times, this error disappears. **Player Support Trend:** Looks like there’s a slightly higher number than normal of log-in issues. Check [here ]( info about how to ensure you can log in before contacting Player Support! Morgageddon & Couch Commando
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